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City Morgue HAHA WACO Mp3 Download

City Morgue HAHA WACO Mp3 Download.

The ever soaring music sensation and multi-gifted artist, City Morgue, have dropped off a hot new banging entrée dubbed “HAHA WACO”.

“City Morgue – HAHA WACO” is a song by the rap-metal duo City Morgue, comprised of members Zillakami and SosMula. The track is known for its intense and aggressive energy, blending elements of rap, metal, and punk. “HAHA WACO” features dark and chaotic lyrics matched with heavy, distorted instrumentals, creating a raw and abrasive sound.

The song is characterized by its heavy basslines, aggressive vocals, and relentlessness, making it a favorite among fans of the horrorcore and trap metal genres.

Overall, “City Morgue – HAHA WACO” is a frenetic and high-energy track that showcases the duo’s ability to push boundaries and create music that is both unique and captivating.

With relatable lyrics, emotive vocals and an infectious beat, “HAHA WACO Mp3 Download” is a must-listen for every music enthusiast.

If you are looking for new music to add to your playlist, you can’t go wrong with this release.

So, don’t wait any longer, download it now and let the music take over!


Lyrics City Morgue – HAHA WACO


Nigga pick yo friends up
Nigga pick yo high command up
Dog pound, bitch I'm charles manson
They aint even see me till its too late pop his ear drums
Now he walk like he in the mud
Write it in his blood so they knew just who it was
Like I was ms I take machetes cut em up
Imma send em up turn your wifey to a slut
Turn her husband to a cuck

Not scared of everyone put one in his dreadlocks
Not scared of anyone satan in a headlock
3am I'm at yo house pussy knock knock
And I got a beam, make a nigga scream

Knock knock hahahahaha
Knock knock hahahahaha
Knock knock hahahahaha
Knock knock hahahahaha

If we pull up then we hoppin out that rental van
I put this metal in ya mouth just like a dental plan
Bitch you talking to the boss don't talk to middle man
Ain't got no money for ya corpse here go a rental plan
Yeaaa the chop chop like a broom broom
I'm a hot shot I'm a goon goon
The drop top it go vroom vroom
Yeaaa knock knock boom boom

Knock knock hahahahahha
Knock knock hahahahahha
Knock knock hahahahahha
Knock knock hahahahahha...

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