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DigBar Rich Flex Mp3 Download.

Multi talented music artist, DigBar, has just unveiled a captivating new track titled “Rich Flex”.

This masterpiece is the perfect addition to any music fan’s playlist, as it will surely be an enjoyable experience listening to it.

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Lyrics DigBar – Rich Flex

It's digbar, the thickest
Eat a nigg a like a chicekn wing

21 can you do som
Can you get this lil dick wet for me
21, can you screw sum for me
Get me hard, get my pussy wet for me
21, can you do sum for me
Can you slop up on the cock next for me
Screw this thang 21, screw this thang
Screw this thang 21

Wine and dine with his cock
Jerk that shit a lot
Never give the dick no knots
That's how you get shot
I be hittin in vanish mode I do that shit a lot
I pulled his pantys down his boobie thicker than his cock
All my niggas love humpin' we all fuckin'
If that ass ain't clappin' that ass nothin'
If you ain't ready to jerk a nigga, don't clutch it
I'm really being serious bae, will you suck it?
I'm a savage
Passin' booty like magic
I'll chop a nigga pantys with a hatchet
I might eat some crackers off this dick
Cause he my daddy
I don't want yo bbc bitch where yo daddy
Bithc where yo uncle?
They all want me
They all finna rail me in the sheets
Why these niggas want my cum but only use they teeth
Gay nigga athlete I got
All you bros
All of you bros
Need to remember who ya'll talkin' to
It's the booty gang CEO
I got dick for you if you start twerkin' dog
If you're busy than fuck no
You Need to find you someone else to call when you're sperm count gets low
Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay
We on that condom gang shit (uh)
Suck a nigga dick (uh)
Condom gang shit (uh)
Suck a nigga dick (uh)
Nigga dicks and toes
Big black bones
That's just all a nigga want
Niggas in thongs
Got em' kissin' through the phone
And if we linkin' up, I'ma make that nigga moan(aye)
You're friend nigga seein' me
I'm hung monkey BBC
I used to blow on CMG
His mouth is like a bnb
I'm steady sucking D
You niggas pushin' DTSD
I grabbed his ass and kissed him in the club
Fuck a TMZ
I used to take his BBC he got it all on DVD
I'm fucking him in it he tried to run like he DMC
I lay up with her for a couple days and then it's brb
Them niggas love asking me to fuck so you know we did
Man you know we did
He came in heels but he left out on his cozy shit
That nigga's dick was 24 he got a kobe dick
Shoutout to the dicks
RIP the cake cause this shit is getting gay
He's a 10 so that is great
But I do love me a 12 if you got one I can take
50 different niggas tryna blow me when it's late
21 my daddy so my pipe is in his cake
All my dawgs eatin' off of cock and ball's play
Niggas see drake then they start to masturbate
Faking during sex that's a rookie ass mistake

We on that digbar shit
Suckin' niggas dicks
Digbar shit
Suckin' niggas dicks (aye)

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