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Hopsin (feat. The Future Kingz) Origin Story Mp3 Download.

Multi-gifted music sensation, Hopsin (feat. The Future Kingz), is back with yet another hit single of the year, titled “Origin Story”.

Origin Story Mp3 Download” is a must-listen for fans of music with relatable lyrics, emotive vocals, and catchy beat.

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Lyrics Hopsin – Origin Story (feat. The Future Kingz)

[Verse 1: Hopsin]
Open your eyes
I'ma tell you a story, how I manifested this in my Mommas basement
I was complacent, 'till I seen the light and I thought I gotta taste it
See, they didn't know me as the man you know now, I was Hop with the braces
Now I'm the real deal, with the ill will, I'm not with the game, bitch
Little did you know, way before a nigga was popping, all that I can cop was some noodles
Too broke, to ever go out the places that you go
The frugal lifestyle threw me into a new mode
Deadly problems as heavy sumo wrеstlers
It was brutal, begging to get approval
Got mе thinking, ''Shit, am I ever going to get my kudos?
I couldn't be a quitter, the destination was too close
But I was a loser, no one there for me
Shit, I had the aura of Morty, boy, I was corny, every single whore'd ignore me
Lord, I was horribly damaged, and now it became my fucking origin story (Look at me)
Yeah, nigga, I'm Heath Ledger as Joker
That boy Hop is a beast, never approach him
I'll leave any MC left for the vultures
Act up, nigga, the beef and it'll be over
Word is [?], my verse is born from rainy days, the pen and pad is my first response
I then become a beacon in which the earth revolves
As meditated before you know it the burden is gone
[?], my legacy unfolds, to be John Doe doesn't come with the key on hold
And we all know, there's moments I could be y'all hope
To get you through chaotic dimensions that we all go
And as I fully unload emotions, I feel lost
Get my hopes up for fame was the real cause
It's like I thought getting my hands on a Lambo and how crazy the fans go will heal scars
But I'm still the same old me, same old insecurities, and they won't leave I hear a voice saying, ''Marcus, to make your peace, you got to surrender your ego and pay your fees''

Pray for me
Pray for me
I said, ''Pray for me''
I'm so exausted for living that way
I'm just [?]

[Verse 2: KANGFRVR]
Let me tell you a story, about how I built an empire from ideation
I ain't need no persuasion, just a pen and a pad with my ideas racing
I remember them days when I thought negative friends were my permanent placement
But they didn't embrace me, so I severed the ties and got back to the basics

[Verse 3: Renzell Roque]
Well, way to be optimistic, we made it all this way without a pot to piss in
All the ones that told us we should stop, we ditched them
[?] You all should have stopped and listen
Day one homies was the same ones, funny how we get them in the drive thru washing dishes
Cause you got these people mess a [?]
Bad bandit business, we done went from rags to riches
All that bullshit for the birds, you only as good as your word
That's why I own all of my masters, Is motion on all of my verve
All my opponents discouraged
In case they're on fire, though work is for hire, the word is inspiring
My [?], friends don't go slide every time like it's down to the wire, cause I ain't got nowhere to hide
[Verse 4: KANGFRVR]
Full clip on my intellect [?], forget what these niggas expect
Thinking that I end up like my daddy at best, my ascension is imperative and evident, yes
So the war can't get your spirits in checks like the bitch out you niggas snapping like a [?]
Let my door down, that's infinite stress
So I won't let you drown, we the only ones left, look
All the cries when I begged and I pleaded
Fell on death and fears when my wounds started bleeding
Ran out of reasons to live, I realized in the end that our friendship was all that I needed

[Verse 5: Renzell Roque]
[?] cold showers
Couldn't throw in the towel, I'm no coward
Slow problems, all the blood, sweat and tears
And as I stand with my peers, the globe's ours

Pray for me
Pray for me
I said, ''Pray for me''
I'm so exausted for living that way
I'm just [?]

[Outro: Hopsin]
Just to find myself again, during low tides, I'm compelled to win (I have to)
I looked in the eyes of God and his face, I held my sins (Oh, no)
Told him, ''Don't mind the blood on my hands, I swear it's self-defense'' (He laughed)
But he knew I was lying, deep in my heart I felt revenge

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