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Mark Battles & Justin Stone Redemption Mp3 Download.

The ever soaring music sensation and multi-gifted artist, Mark Battles & Justin Stone, have dropped off a hot new banging entrée dubbed “Redemption”.

With relatable lyrics, emotive vocals and an infectious beat, “Redemption Mp3 Download” is a must-listen for every music enthusiast.

If you are looking for new music to add to your playlist, you can’t go wrong with this release.

So, don’t wait any longer, download it now and let the music take over!


Lyrics Mark Battles & Justin Stone – Redemption

[Intro: Mark Battles]
Threes up
Vasi Boys
Vasi Boys
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Mark Battles]
I mean, what you want me to say?
I’m the first to do it this way
Got all my bros out the hood
Then I held them down to this day
And I’m takin’ care of my kids, my baby mama’s ok
If I had a ball she would prolly love me cause I never ask for no breaks
Never hesitate or go late, shit
Most of love is so fake, shit
They love to eat off your plate
At times you might have to bend but don’t break, no way
Oh, you mad that I’m up now? (Uh)
Whoever pull up gettin’ shut down (Yeah)
Yeah, I used to ride on the bus
Now your bitch on my bus tryna bus for a buss down (Ha)
Both hands up like a touchdown (Yеah)
It ain’t too many I can trust now (No)
Understand my love nevеr changed so don’t worry ‘bout a thing, on the gang, you with us now
I promise, you don’t really want these problems (Uh)
Leave that boy leakin’, Donda (Ooh)
I guess I just had to remind her
I got it, I got ‘em (I got ‘em, I got ‘em)
Yeah, I got ‘em (I got ‘em)
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Justin Stone]
Break bread, keep my shit 100
Really hit a car dash in London
Shit, now I gotta switch lanes
Everyone bitch made since the skinny boy got commas
G-Class, now I hit the reflex
If I hit it one time then I gotta reset
Shawty got the pom-poms cause I got the beat wet
If I switch up I’m like “Bitch, have we made it?” (Don’t know)
Now I’m like a popstar, look at the charts
100K first week and it’s only the start
Really gave it a whirl but then you wanted the stars, nah, fuck that shit
Worldwide, yeah, they bump my shit
Can’t chase no love, I’m heartless, wow
Out west like I’m Kanye
If I ghost that chick, she tweakin’ out
My whole life wanted more than a 9-5
‘Member cryin’ like I wanna die
Now I’m cryin’ to the bank in the Benz
Every single L was a win
Lost love, lost friends out the box
You boxin’, that’s some deadweight bitch
I’m bossin’, self employed, said 16, watch him crack a smile
Say I lost it
I keep flexin’ in the mirror
Sometimes step back just to see I’m really here
And the ones say I did it wrong didn’t ever pop
Didn’t stop, no Rolex wrist
Yeah, Holy Ghost, I would never miss
Do I love you still?
Well, I plead the fifth
I’m gone

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