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Meth Daily Duppy Mp3 Download.

The multi-talented musician, Meth, has released a captivating single titled “Daily Duppy” which is sure to be a favorite for music fans around the globe.

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Lyrics Meth – Daily Duppy

{part i}
If you wondered where i've been, they had the kid locked
Doing up landings in louis v flip-flops
I hit the 'nasium with base and 'em and got ripped up
Now i'm tryna fill up stadiums and get big guap
But i feel like time's running out for me, tick tock
But maybe it's not, there's no age in hip-hop
I still don't like rappers that talk shit cuz
We'll slap him on stage, i don't mean chris rock
I'm blowing wedding cake when i meditate
Helps my mind elevate, write hella flames
Punches, i always land mine, they'll detonate
Always been a heavyweight, little nigga get it straight
I coulda been famous but i chose road
Mashing off of nose phones, banging for the postcode
I should be touring now still
But i'm like shh, can't keep my hands off that brown girl
I'm steady tweaking, just popped a little round pill
Cah i'm really tryna go up, not downhill
My town real, move with your pound cah
Man will push your wig back, have you looking munya chawawa
You better keep a eye on what yutes are around ya
If you're lacking, catch two in your crown dog
My ends will swallow you whole
And a trip to the can, that's as far as niggas holidays go
I got a one away flow that's still hitting hard so
Any riddim, i bet i od on, not the cinema
Look i been a star, it's always europeans when i'm in a car
Wearing more jewels than a synagogue
We're getting money nigga, we all lit
Not like you rap cap bruddas getting zero quid
Your song's shit, i wouldn't reload it
And i don't mean corona when i say that i don't wanna see yo' vid
I remember when i was jugging in a clio whip
My guy smuggz dodging agents like neo did
We had three whole strips, we made b o's flip
I swear that buj smelled worse than some bo bitch
I had links for that way before instagram
Let the grub bubble up in a rex then i rinse the gram
Thirty-six z's and i wouldn't try pinching them
Cah my grip hold more teeth in than fixodent
Discipline a nigga, yeah i'm ever so diligent
Fuck with man, i get a couple cans, mo gilligan
Finish him, your roads took away my innocence
That's why i got a box of white, no dillian, brilliant
I been one of the best so when they gonna rate me?
Couldn't care less, i been seeing commas lately
You lack figures and that's because all you dons are lazy
You trap niggas like bitches that really want a baby
Look i'm from the eighties, that's when mummy made me
Grew up in the nineties, by the noughties i was fucking crazy
I lived a wild life so i was in and outta yoi's
Back when dmx told you "ride or die"
Was always quiet, i listened, got smart from it
Real nigga so my sleeve always had my heart on it
Regularly had my heat tucked, i'll bark honest
Or you can get your tee cut, not the car polish
I didn't finish school so i didn't start college
I was too busy o.t. selling narcotics
Have i lived a good life? nah far from it
Will i change? well that's just something i can't promise

{part ii}

They know meth been a veteran early, never been girly
Definitely certi, set are all sturdy
My young bull tapped, stepping with thirties
Full of new teeth, didn't get 'em in turkey
Push to start, i don't turn key
Strong blonde jawn wan' slurp me
The feds had me on the yard doing burpees
Now i'm getting bare p's becah the work's clean
Please don't let me get my chargie
He'll leave a nigga leaking more than rebekah vardy
Geeked up if i'm ever in the party
He better have his dargy cah he's definitely on me, word
Listen i ain't been knighted but call me sir ym
No lying, if a nerd try it, bet a bird sky him
Supplying to these dirt clients, grub's worth buying
I ain't no pilot but my work's flying
I'm no fool, don't cross me, it's not worth dying
One phone call could have your family in the church crying
Boohoo, got a little four, had to do two
When you're sitting down you see who's who
So when i see them niggas now i'm like "who's you?"
Them man are fufu, due to get moved to
I make gualla, eight hunna for these gucc shoes
Water on my body like i was doing wudu
Cruise through the ends in stealth mode
Even though i'm still on arms like elbows
Got a bait face and i'm well known
When i got locked, every wing i went
Niggas said "what you doing in jail bro?
You was too cold back in the day
None of these new niggas rapping the same
You should get back in the game"
I said "yeah it might happen again"
Then crashed leng cah he was chatting my name
You little patty, that's gay

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