Song title: Narkedo Speaks

Album name: Rocket Power

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Quavo - Greatness Lyrics

Quavo Narkedo Speaks Mp3 Download.

Multi Gifted singer-songwriter and talented artist, Quavo, has released a new mesmerizing track called “Narkedo Speaks” which is going to make an indelible presence on your music playlist.

“Quavo – Narkedo Speaks” is a track that features Quavo’s collaborator Narkedo, who delivers a spoken word piece. The song takes a departure from Quavo’s conventional musical style and offers a unique and introspective touch to his discography.

Narkedo’s spoken words bring a poetic and thought-provoking element to the track. The piece explores various themes such as self-reflection, societal pressures, and the pursuit of success. The spoken word delivery adds depth and an artistic flair to the song.

“Narkedo Speaks” is an opportunity for both Quavo and Narkedo to experiment with their artistry and step outside of their comfort zones. It showcases their willingness to push boundaries and explore different forms of expression within the realm of music.

While the track may be unexpected for fans who are accustomed to Quavo’s more traditional rap style, “Narkedo Speaks” provides a platform for reflection and contemplation. It adds a layer of artistic diversity to Quavo’s discography and invites listeners to engage with the spoken word form of storytelling.

In conclusion, “Quavo – Narkedo Speaks” offers a departure from Quavo’s usual musical style, presenting listeners with a spoken word piece that adds a unique touch to his discography. It serves as a platform for introspection and artistic exploration, demonstrating Quavo’s versatility as an artist.

Having listened to the song, we are sure that you will be addicted to it as soon as you press play. So if you’re looking for something to groove and soothe at the same time, then this is the perfect song to make your day better.

Listen, share and enjoy!

Lyrics Quavo – Narkedo Speaks

[Interlude: Takeoff, N.O.R.E. & Quavo]
I ain’t even have a plan B, I made myself not have a plan B on purpose
Just so I can fulfill my plan A
So, (Aye ya’ll need to hear that, keep, say that)
One more time, ya’ll just need to hear that
Nah, man, shit, I didn’t have a plan B, I kept my plan A
So, I could fulfill my plan B, I didn’t even create a plan B
Or even get my mind set up for a plan B, ’cause my plan A was gon’ work
No matter what, it’s- (I knew that was gon’ do good, Nah forreal)
-Really what I wanted to do though, you know what I’m sayin’, so (Right)
And I did it, god is good

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