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SAFE Rent Free Mp3 Download.

Multi-talented singer-songwriter and globally-acclaimed music sensation, SAFE, recently launched a brand-new track titled “Rent Free” for the fans.

This awe-inspiring music is a perfect blend of captivating lyrics, uplifting sound, and impassioned vocal performance that will definitely make its way to the music lover’s playlist in no time.

Go ahead and listen to the song “Rent Free” now and enjoy! Do not forget to share it with your music loving friends.

Lyrics SAFE – Rent Free

[Verse 1]
Been locked in L.A., 24/8
Don't ask if I'm hungry, I already ate
Been up in my bag, they feelin' a way (Whoo)
Livin' rent free in their head (Huh)
I got a price on my head
If a nigga gon' try me, get left
I got a lot on my chest
Drop the roof out and empty the clip
Check that nigga right off of the list
Pull the switch out on niggas that switch
I don't get caught in the mix
I really be dealin' with shit
No, I can't be stressed 'bout a bitch
Smoke a blunt, just like this, I forget
I fell in love on a lick
Then I fell in love off a lick

I know
A weapon can't protect me, yeah
I know
If I don't pray, I won't feel alive
All the energy you feel inside
Won't be with you on the day you die
Dollars, dollars fallin' out the sky
Kamikaze, all my niggas slide

[Verse 2]
Money won't stack if you keep losin' track
I treat the stu like the trap, ha
And I really do like to trap
Competition is way too relaxed
I like to focus, I don't need the facts
My bad if I overreact
I'll go back if I gotta go back
That's just me, not no team, my advice
I don't believe in the hype (I don't believe in the hype)
'Cause I don't beleve in a lie
I can see the fake in disguise
I just wanna look in your eyes
I, I don't need any advice
From niggas that envy my life
I, said I don't need no advice
Can't be waitin' for stars to align

I know they're after my soul
Deep down they know I can't go
Gotta ride with one in the hand
'Cause they don't wanna see me ahead
I know they're after my soul
Deep down they know I can't go
Livin' rent free inside your head
'Cause they don't wanna see me ahead

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