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V (feat. Peakboy) Snow Flower Mp3 Download.

The ever soaring music sensation and multi-gifted artist, V (feat. Peakboy), have dropped off a hot new banging entrée dubbed “Snow Flower”.

With relatable lyrics, emotive vocals and an infectious beat, “Snow Flower Mp3 Download” is a must-listen for every music enthusiast.

If you are looking for new music to add to your playlist, you can’t go wrong with this release.

So, don’t wait any longer, download it now and let the music take over!


Lyrics V (BTS) – Snow Flower (feat. Peakboy)

[Verse 1: V]
Hey snow
It's coming today
What else should I prepare?
I’m ready to greet you, ok (Ok)
Grey is
Fallin' on the canvas
You can just cover it white
I'll give you the world (I'll give it to you)
In this cold season
You are my special event
Your warmth will melt
My blue and grey away (o-o-oh)

[Pre-Chorus: V]
Christmas without you would just not be Christmas at all
Bright mistletoes up above us, it's just you and me
(I love you)

[Chorus: V]
When the world is full of white flowers
May our times be more special (eh-e)
When time is standing still
May these flowers fall on your sad smile (e-e-eh)

[Verse 2: Peakboy]
(Ladies and gentlemen, Peakboy)
When the world turns beautifully white
I'll spread those fading colors with you
There's a lot of white angels here and there this year
Take a deep breath and look at those flowers that look like you
Feel the warmth next to me
Hold me with your cold and soft hands
I'll keep you safe
Let the white snow fall on us forever

[Bridge: V, Peakboy]
Did you see the snow?
Like your eyes
Believe in Santa Claus?
I'll take away
A warm gift with you
Every time this season comes, like the tip of your nose, let's
Fall in love
I'm just feeling
Stay by my side
I'll match your footsteps
I'll sing this song
(You make me wanna be a better man)

[Chorus: V]
When the world is full of white flowers
May our feelings grow deeper and deeper
May the flowers land on your smile
Below the streetlamp frozen in time (Yeah-e)

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