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YungManny (feat. Xanman) XanManny Mp3 Download.

Multi Gifted rapper and music star, YungManny (feat. Xanman), comes through with a single which is titled “XanManny”.

This exciting new single is expected to draw the attention of many music fans, new and old.

The song “XanManny Mp3 Download” is a perfect addition to any music lover’s Playlist.

Go ahead and listen to the song “XanManny Mp3 Download” now and enjoy! Do not forget to share it with your music loving friends.

Lyrics YungManny – XanManny (feat. Xanman)

[Verse 1: YungManny]
I said hello to my shoota
(uh uh uh uh) Hey Shoot!
Xan, pass me the ruger
I got a Christian Plug, Hallelujah
I heard he a lick... move him
Music Class Put His Head In The Tuba
He not a goon he a goofy goober
Hey Xan... Yeah, Shoot em

[Verse 2: XanMan]

On the block niggas know that i'm kickin it
Nigga want the work, you know i'm dishing it
I know he snitched, he took time off his sentence
Big Dog, Chico go get him
He ain't get locked for pullin a mission
That nigga got locked for a parking ticket
Cold world, I ain't wearing no mitten
That nigga got killed for faking a image

[Verse 3: YungManny]
He stay wit a rat, Stuart Little
Call him Malcolm he get shot In The Middle!
I pull up with 4 niggas like the wiggles
Serve on the bus nigga, Ms. Frizzle
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Lose Yourself
[Verse 4: XanMan]
I'll fill him with lead, mechanical pencil
I'm a big dog, they ain't feed me no kibble
Got 2 sticks named Hansel And Grittel
Got a bat on me like Dr. Dolittle
Where his body at? I forgot, solve the riddle
Yeah, 2 Sticks, I'm playin the cymbals
He say his draco rain I don't see a drizzle
Shoot the grandfather I don't care if he crippled

[Verse 5: YungManny]
I'ma Slide on em with a Ruger or pistol
(Uh Uh) I got water I need goggles
The 762 I make him do the wobble
I don't know who to shoot... Spin The Bottle
Shoot his head, now he bald like Caillou
I don't care if you hide nigga I will Find You
That nigga gonna freeze like JR In the finals
I don't gotta hit em I just feel I'm entitled too (Hey Manny yea)

[Verse 6: XanMan]
I'm serving the junkies got clients
They thinking that I'm a family guy like Brian
You not making money you better off dying
2012 in the clip like A Mayan
(Yeah) Stomp on the work like a giant
(Yeah) In the kitchen like I'm frying
(Yeah) I got water, I'm Hawaiian
Load the clip Xan, It's jammed I'm trying
[Verse 7: YungManny]
He said he shoot, Oh My God your lying!
Bro gon hit the baby if she don't stop crying
He not a shooter, he rather just type it
Cut his hand off, ARGH! Pirate
Hit the grandfather now he got arthritis
Margiela stepping now I'm fly like a pilot
We gon do the dash, I ain't talkin bout hyphen
Bro might kill his son, Abraham and Issac
(Uh, Yeah I said hello to my shoota, Uh Uh Hey Shoot Hey shoot hey shoot, hey, hey shoot)
(Backdoor, Hey Xan, Hey Manny)

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